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Christiana Wu

Producer. Designer. Engineer. Artist. Educator.

Amadea Kovič

Art Historian, Illustrator, Comic Artist.

Marco Menato

Expressionist painter from La Gomera. I record nature, and the simple ways of my island home.

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Art Is Love

It is not about Artand…Me. It is about Artand…Love. If you are an artist, then you know you have loved, a lot....

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Marco Menato: The Artist Who Remains True to Himself

Marco is a brilliant artist who sees through people with great integrity and sensitivity.  I am honored to have the opportunity...

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Amadea Kovič: The artist of contrasts

Amadea Kovič is full of sunshine and energy. She is a 22-year-old Art History graduate student from Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a...

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Christiana Wu: The Artist. Reborn.

I thought I have known Christiana for years, and I was wrong. Our paths crossed at a technology company years ago. The Christiana...

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Get a free feature from us! (Feature Artist Program)

Would you like to have an exclusive feature from ArtandMe? Here at ArtandMe, we would love for you to share your story...

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Facebook Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Art

“Why isn’t my art getting ‘Like’s?” “Does Facebook want me pay for everything now?” “How to boost the visibilty of my posts?” We hear...

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