“Why isn’t my art getting ‘Like’s?”

“Does Facebook want me pay for everything now?”

“How to boost the visibilty of my posts?”

We hear you. We really do. “How to market my art?” is the number one question asked by the artist community. Artists put our soul and heart into our creations, and we can’t wait for the world to see it.

Marketing is a myth: everyone think they know about marketing, but few really master the art and science of it.

The truth is art itself can be an intimidating subject for the crowd, especially when it comes to building the connections between the audience and the art itself.

Here are 5 tips to help you increase your sales channel through Facebook engagements.

  1. Create beautiful engaging content – this is crucial
  2. Understand who your target customers are and use that to fuel your ad targeting
  3. Boost ‘for sale’ posts to your target customer
  4. Launch Like campaigns to build the # of likes on your page
  5. Don’t give up.  Its hard – but you can learn and improve

It Starts With Your Content

Your portfolio page is your identity on social media. Make sure it reflects you and your art.  At a minimum ensure that all of the required information is filled out and you consistently post new content.  Every time you post content on Facebook it can end up in the newsfeed of your followers so post consistently.  What type of content is engaging?

  1. Create a theme for the content in your page.  You want to post a consistent message – not just paintings for sale.
  2. Add Call-to-Actions in the content.  You want to encourage people to comment, like and share.  Ask questions in your posts to your followers, poll them or request feedback.  The more comments on an individual post the more likely it will be seen by others.  Having your followers share your post is the best outcome as people unconnected to your page will see the post!
  3. Photos & Videos Work Best.  Photos and videos draw the most engagement on Facebook which means this content is more likely to end up in your followers newsfeed.  You’re an artist, post you’re art! In Facebook, if you post a link to. your art, the image actually shows up in the feed, and the visual content is much more attention grabbing than the just plain texts.
  4. Set up a posting schedule.  When do you use Facebook?  Right before bed?  During lunch time?  8:30 a.m. on the bus?  Everyone has a schedule which increases the likelihood of them routinely visiting Facebook at a certain time.  Understand who your followers are and what their routines are.  Then take advantage by posting during those times!

Understand Your Customer – then promote!

So you want to sell your art?  You’ve run a Facebook ad and it didn’t perform well?  Tried to run a like campaign and got a bunch of likes from India, Indonesia and Ukraine?  It’s likely you are not targeting yours ads correctly, but what is the right targeting?  It starts with understanding who your target customer is.  Most artists share their page with other artists groups which is great, but how likely is it for another artist to buy your art?  Pretty small chance.  Understand who enjoys your art:

  • Do you paint ocean landscapes?  Target people who travel frequently, live near the beach, own a beach home etc.
  • Have dark paintings with skulls etc?  Target people who enjoy punk rock, skull graphics, tattoo etc.

You want to always target the person most likely to buy your painting.  Reaching these people will increase your chances of converting one of them to a sale.  However – this can make your ads more expensive.  The more refined your target audience it is the more expensive it can be to reach these people since you are bidding to place an ad on a very small population.  The likliehood that a cheap ad spot becomes available is smaller.

Don’t make the mistake of having a broad audience like ‘people who like art’ or ‘people who live in the USA’.  This may be a cheap way to get the ad in front of hundreds of people, but it won’t cause them to engage with the ad or purchase the painting.

Share stories of both your art and yourself.

People pay for your art when there is a connection established. We often say art carries pieces of the aritsts. Artandme.space allows artists to curate their work during the uploading process and make sure to take advantage of the feature. People want to know about you as much as they
want to know about your art, so make sure to create an outstanding bio along with uploading a high qualiy profile picture.

The Value of a Page ‘Like’

Don’t underestimate the value of a Page like.  Facebook built the whole company’s business model based on that magical “Like” button. What if I told you: “You can either pay 25 cents to show your ad to one person or 25 cents to have the chance to show all the future posts to 1 person”.  Which would you rather choose?  Its obvious that you’d choose the latter which is effectively a Page Like. When someone likes your page they begin following your content.  This means that every time you post it is likely that they will see the post in their newsfeed – for free!  Building your Like is a sure fire way to get your paintings in front of more people.

Although the key to someone liking your page if having great content (see above) you can also help to boost the number of like through Page Promotion.  The key when creating these ads is to ensure you are targeting your customers.  Be specific as we described above!  You ideally want your page followers to consist of only people interested in your art.  The people who like your page can also be used to help target future ads.  If you set the targeting to ‘friends of people who like my page’ then you can reach a large group of people who may have similar tastes to your existing followers.

ArtandMe recently used our followers to create a ‘lookalike’ audience reducing our cost per click by 45% 😮  Don’t underestimate the value of a like!

Learn From Your Mistakes

Running ads is an art form.  Don’t be discourage by poor results.  Instead of saying the ads don’t work understand why.  If you don’t see good results from an ad ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you target your customer correctly?  Check the people who viewed the ad – are they your target?
  2. Was the message clear & encourage interaction?  Try tweaking the words (the copy in ad speak) to be more compelling.
  3. Were the images or videos (the creatives) high quality?  Images & videos can be used to catch people’s attention.

Learn from the results & iterate on the next ads!

Hope this helps 🙂 Any additional questions or comments: simply contact [email protected] or message us on our FB page (@ArtandMe.space) any time.

Love and support,

— ArtandMe Team