If someone took your work and stamp their own names on it…

Say Cheers.

Yep, say cheers. You have created something truly amazing others not only want but shamelessly-want-to-cheat kind of want.

“Unless your work gives you trouble, it is no good.”  —- Pablo Picasso

Then, be mad, be disturbed, because we are human. Take as long as you need to respect and recognize all the emotions flooding through your creative right brain.

And try to rise above it, and if you can rise above it, keep feeling the feels.

“Have my moments, Doll, have my moments.”
― Dianne Harman Coyote in Provence

It is OK, and I am with you.

This is not where I am going to tell you to chill, to let it go, life is good, look what you have done… blah blah.

That is cliche. We got stuffed by this kind of nutrition deprived propaganda and empty promise every single day.

I am actually going to tell you to learn to be strong and fight. Here are some useful resources:

1. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA)


“Established in 1969, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) is the leading legal aid and education organization dedicated to New York artists and its arts and cultural organizations (ACOs). VLA strives to protect the artistic community’s livelihoods, businesses, and creative works through access to dedicated legal representation and focused education programs. ”

2. A Guide to the Visual Artists Rights Act


“Of the moral rights panoply conferred by other nations, VARA recognizes only attribution and integrity as legal causes of action. Attribution includes the rights to claim authorship of a work, to prevent attachment of an artist’s name to a work which he did not create, and, where there has been a subsequent distortion, mutilation, or modification of the work prejudicial to the artist’s honor or reputation, the right to disclaim authorship and to prevent identification of the artist’s name with the work. ”


Finally, you can share your stories with me at [email protected], because we care and we will publish your stories to voice for you, with your permission, as always. ❤️