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Celebrate Life, Discover Art

Arts celebrate life. Our mission is to bring more art into lives by creating
noble connections between art and people.

ArtandMe, You
Artists open online galleries
for free. Period.

No artists should be left unknown, no artwork should be left unshown. That is why we decided to open up our platform for free.

We stand by artists on intellectual property rights. Artists own the copyright of their original creations.  We offer optional watermarks for images, and right-click download is blocked.

We believes in fair market value and business etiquette. Our artists have full control over the pricing strategy for their creations.

Artists can choose to list the price or not to, and have customers contact them directly. Artists can also create portfolio pages without selling anything.

The sales income goes directly back to the artists. 

Find the piece you love,

without price markups

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Share your stories,

through art curation

Every art tells a story, and inspires beauty, rigor and truth.

How we interpret art tells stories of our own.

We encourage community curation to share our uninterrupted encounters with the unique combination of color and shapes, and to keep the inspirational pieces rise above the horizon.

“Art transports me to memories of my past and serve a constant reminder to stop and appreciate those moments in life.”

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“Art is pristine, art brings serenity, art expresses individuality. Art comes out of the intense, and creative ferment that exists inside every single one of us.”

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