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Sometimes I feel like a clown finish his day, sitting on the chair, and thinking about what he did during the show, remembering the people smile and clap their hands, play with him.
It’s a part of our life, where one day you have to take your part of life and looking over the shoulder.

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For this canvas I was inspired by Clown i sow on tv, and i start to consider his moment after the show, like me when i finish to paint, i’m thinking about what i did, or what i wanna do, i close my eyes and smile, cos im doing what i love, and it make me happy.

The song will make it dance is : “Over my shoulder” of Mike and Mechanics.

I will remember alway the time i was preparing this work, the idea and how i made it.

It say that sometimes, not often, you should sit, close your eyes and smile, cos everything is coming up on you, what you did good, and positive action will be always waiting at your door, ready to show you about the life.

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