Remember that little boy in “The Starfish Story” who threw a start fish back to the ocean one by one? He knew he couldn’t save tens of thousands of them before the sun got high, but he did it anyway because “it made a difference to that one!”

He was an idealist: He knew that he was up against a force that was way beyond him, but he did it anyway.

There is a piece of idealism in every artist’s heart. We are that little boy in our own stories, saving the starfish one by one, against the endless tides.

“You have a fierce desire to change the world through your creativity. You aren’t content with producing work just to entertain other people — not when, everywhere you look, you see wrongs that need righting. Sometimes you get accused of being an idealist, but you’ve learnt to take it as a compliment (even when it is not intended to be). You’re willing to risk it all to product art that has an urgent message to deliver.”

An idealist is deemed to be confronted with the disappointments in life, but we are also stronger than anyone can imagine. We are teabags —- just wait to see when we are put in the hot water.

Today’s post features art that represent pain, beauty, resilience and love.



1. Pain

“Dancers after or before the performance in their concentration, loneliness, suffering and dreaming to perform again.  They are as butterfly flying through the candle light attracted from what is going to kill them. ” —Jenie Gospodinova, the artist.

The cure for pain, often, is pain. Don’t reject it, or try to control it. Listen to them and live fully.









Purple Ballerina

2. Beauty

“After class, after stage, after being in the spotlight the dancer is also an interesting model. In the company of her emotions and tiredness, alone with her thoughts, or just taking time to come back on the ground after flying in the dance.” —Jenie Gospodinova, the artist.












3. Resilience

“I did not lie, when I told you, that I am enormous, and that I’m crazy real. I did not lie, when I sold my heart, to make it easier for me to live, to be cured of pain. I did not lie, when I was terribly afraid, that no one can hear the truth anymore, that no one sees the soul anymore. I did not lie, when I did not sleep at night, because I was hunted by Death, and her envisions of me.” — De Reya Me, the artist.








4. Love

“I like the excitement of the loved person, the lovers. They are kind and gentle, romantic and tender, sensitive and beautiful. These states are expressed by the body language. Lovers live in their own happy world. In my opinion, this is one of the most wonderful feelings in which one can be.” —- Voula Kereklidou, the artist.