The community of has now grown to over 4000 members. Art brought us together. In this cozy space, we chuckled over the humorous jokes, wowed over soul awakening visuals, and shared our own creations to mark all walks of life.

What we have shared reflects our value in life that is deeply human.

Sharing with like-minded artists have helped me to pull through challenging times. We have a community of support up in our pockets. Dark chocolate and wine can’t heal a drunken heart that is cracked already, but art and music can.

We weren’t born to walk alone. In art, loneliness transforms into solitude.

A strong community strengthen the goods, amplify empathy and encourage wholeheartedness. We are better together, our belief in common values become stronger, we travel through the journey of life by making our own maps.

I have to confess, I have no idea what I am doing at the beginning of ArtandMe, and I am still pretty lost right now —- Something common brought us together to form this unique identity, so I asked this question to the ArtandMe community:

Who are we together?

Here are the heartwarming responses:

In the art of living, we must live to love one another.
Art can speak volumes
Engaging in arts it’s like having a play date with your soul
We Art Wonderful Together…….Paint On !!
Art is the expression of one’s soul.!
A palette of infinite colors
A masterpiece
All human with faults and failings that the artworks accepts and understands
Color of the soul…..
The Question Made It’s Way and didn’t leave
We Art Wonderful Together…….Paint On !!😉
One love

The beautiful statements above, are why exists. At, we make it home.

We make sure joy is well fed.

We pack new positivity snacks for the breaks on this journey called life.

We stopped chasing perfection because perfection is a self-defense mechanism.

We don’t just praise results, we also praise efforts.

We spill out love, vulnerability, dreams, courage, and miracles on canvas.

We make room for empathy — we don’t feel for each other, we feel *with each other.

I am never qualified to define the personality of

You are.

Together, let us bring more art to the world.

We are closer than we started, and there is an open road in front, a blank canvas to paint.

Let us keep going.